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A&G TANGO Experience

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17.04.2016 10:08, Eva Koltai from Switzerland:Binningen E-mail :
We were very happy to find out that Andrea and Gustavo give private Tango lessons to tourists also in Sitges. We made a reservation from Switzerland and everything worked out very well. We took 6 double lessons and were teached by Andrea and Gustavo in a very attentive and professional manner. They corrected our mistakes by watching us and also by dancing with us. We never learned so much about a dance in so short time before and enjoyed the beautiful lessons very much. We could spend our holidays in a wonderful Tango atmosphere enjoying the perfect dance technique of Andrea and Gustavo. We recommend the lessons to anyone who would like to understand more about Tango.

Eva and H.

27.08.2015 15:59, Enrique y Lupe from Cubelles E-mail Homepage :
Recomendamos ampliamente y de todo corazón a esta pareja de profesionales. Andrea y Gustavo nos han enseñado mucho, nos han preparado una coreografía a medida y han enfocado las clases a la perfección. Hemos tenido mucha suerte de encontrarlos. Si estás pensando en contar con ellos no lo dudes, ellos son los expertos en tango que necesitas. Muchas gracias y muchos cariños.

Enrique y Lupe

07.08.2014 19:55, Tyra from Oslo, Norway E-mail :
I was in Sitges for 5 days and had the pleasure of having several private lessons with Andrea and Gustavo. I am very satisfied. The couple is serious, attentive and competent. Great to have a teacher who dances with me and another that looks and tell me what I need to correct. The couple is very welcoming, positive and good educators. Thanks for an enjoyable time. Hope I see you again.

22.06.2014 21:22, Anne Lise from Faroe Islands E-mail :
We were 4 people who spend 7days in Sitges and we had 1lesson sunday night together with other dancers there were a welcoming warm atmosphere .
We came back thursday for 2 hours private lesson and the teacers were very good to help us with tecnic and style and I like the way they teach, they also were very kind and had a good humor too. Thank you very much, hope to see you again

19.05.2014 05:38, Tom from Solothurn E-mail :
We have spent a weekend in Barcelona. The most outstanding event was the tango lesson we took.
We are beginners and the two hours with Andrea and Gutsavo gave us an enormeous boost.

We had a graeat time and wil be back!

16.05.2014 11:32, Anna from France E-mail :
Thank you for this incredible experience which made all of three loving tango!!
Next time we pass by Barcelona or around, we won't hesitate to call you for a dance!

Thank you for your smiles and patience.
We had a really great time together!

18.02.2014 18:26, Stefans from Latvia E-mail :
It was incredible experience, thanks a lot!
Hope to see you soon and get more lessons!

29.12.2013 13:56, Leo from Cubelles E-mail :
Hace varios meses que soy alumno de Andrea y Gustavo y puedo decir que dan muy buenas clases de tango. Muy recomendable!


06.11.2013 11:03, Monika from Deutschland E-mail :
Liebe Andrea, Lieber Gustavo,
vielen Dank für einen wunderschönen und unvergesslichen Abend mit Euch. Mit viel Professionalität, Spaß und Geduld, habt Ihr uns in nur 2 Stunden die Grundschritte des Tangos beigebracht. Auch wenn es bei uns noch lange nicht perfekt ist, habt ihr Beiden es geschafft, uns die Freude an diesem fazinierenden Tanz zu vermitteln
Liebe Grüße aus Prien am Chiemsee
Monika & Karl

04.11.2013 20:39, Petra from Germany E-mail :
It was a fantastic experience and I learned a lot in 2 hours. Most important I learned a lot of very important basics, that other teachers unfortunately missed to teach. My dancing posture improved a lot. Andrea and Gustavo are very friendly and professional Tango Argentino Teachers.

16.10.2013 22:08, Natali from Moscow, russia E-mail :
It was a tremendous experience to dance with Andrea & Gustavo during our honeymoon. It was something special for us. The amazing place and photos were terrific. Thank you for pleasure Andrea & Gustavo.
Best wishes, S&N.

27.08.2013 10:56, Cristina from Calafell E-mail :
Soy alumna de Andrea y Gustavo desde hace variios meses y puedo decir que sus clases son fenomenales. Su pedagogía permite avanzar en el conocimiento del baile pero también del tango como expresión cultural, desde una perspectiva más amplia. Su forma de ser y de llevar la clase hace que sean muy divertidas, te sientas muy acompañado y que se trabaje muy a fondo. A parte de las clases Andrea y Gustavo se ocupan de ofrecer a sus alumnos recursos online para profundizar en el tango, tanto a través del facebook como en el blog. Realmente tienen una gran disposición para con sus alumnos y son muy eficaces y profesionales en su trabajo. En definitiva, si quieres aprender tango, te los recomiendo sin ninguna duda.

22.08.2013 20:52, Suzanne from suisse E-mail :
J'ai pris 5 leçons privées avec A&G et 1 cours collectif, je suis enchantée de leur compétence pédagogique, j'ai fait de grands progrès. C'est idéal d'avoir G pour danser et me ressentir, et A qui regarde et peut corriger les erreurs typiquement féminines de mouvement et posture. En plus j'ai énormément apprécié leur état d'esprit, avec une philosophie de la vie et du tango qui m'ont enchantés. Encore merci tout plein mes chers ! vous avez touchés mon coeur et m'avez fait grandir en "tango".

Page: 1
Entries: 13
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